Letters to Next Generation Leaders

Letters to Next Generation Leaders


This book is not really 'my' letters to the next generation but rather Paul's, the Apostle, the master architect of the early church, writing to his young mentee, Timothy. I have attempted to simply translate his thoughts, verse by verse, into our world today to help build new young ministers on the Word of God. It is my commentary on 1st & 2nd Timothy.


The Word needs to be the foundation of our ministries. Too many have started well, yet not lasted the distance. As we pattern our leadership on the Word and not just management journals and leadership manuals, I'm convinced we are all better equipped to face all the challenges of building the eternal church.  


Many also are needing to discover the power of the Word to fulfill their destiny deep within. As we live in pathways laid down by the Apostle, the same blessing that rested on him, will be found on ourselves.

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