Phil Pringle is the Founder and Leader of C3 Church Global, an international movement of over 500 churches, and the Senior Minister of C3 Church in Sydney Australia.

Here, Phil brings his pen, brush and voice, through these books, paintings and blogs.


In 1980, my wife Chris and I, with the kids and some good friends, came to Sydney from New Zealand to start a church!



We had 13 people at our first service. The congregation grew rapidly and we moved buildings, bought land and built a school. We began planting churches around Sydney, then Australia, then various parts of the world; we've now grown to close to 500 congregations in our movement.

We’ve started C3 College, a television program, Your Best Life, and Oxford Falls Grammar School, all on around 25 acres at Oxford Falls, Sydney. 

I’ve always been passionate about the arts playing a major role in church to make her contemporary and relevant to our current world. The C3 College Creative Arts stream has developed and graduated thousands of musicians, worship leaders, song writers, graphic artists, dancers, actors and film makers.

I myself also paint and exhibit in various venues and cities. I love to write, so I’ve mixed these two elements together in books like 'Inspired to Pray', 'But God' and '24 Hours That Saved The World – The Gospel of John in Art'. My other books include 'Faith', 'Peace', 'Moving in the Spirit', 'Leadership Excellence', 'You the Leader', along with my latest book, 'Leadership 101'. 

I love the local church. I believe it's the hope for the world. 

See you in church!


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