Words are seeds. Sow a seed in your garden and watch a plant come up!

Sow words in your mind. Same thing! You’ll grow a new thought pattern from those words.

Three times the parable of the sower and seed is repeated in Scripture. The core message is 'Words are seeds, so make sure you get the best words deep inside you'

Most of what we do is unconscious. We’re not aware our brain sends signals to our heart to make it beat. It’s subconscious. We drive our cars on autopilot. We brush our teeth starting on the same side, every time. What becomes a habit in our subconscious mind directs our whole life. Sometimes we find ourselves doing things that we wish we wouldn’t do, not understanding we could change that.

Some things we do are born from bad seeds that took root in our brain and now we ‘automatically' act and react badly in those circumstances. Happily, this principle can work positively for us too. Good seeds can take root and produce good ‘plants’ (behavior). The challenge is, it's more difficult to grow roses than weeds. If you want weeds in your brain, do nothing with your thoughts. A lazy brain grows weedy thoughts. These bad thoughts choke out the good ones. Get active with your brain. Grow a good mind.


You can control your thoughts!


I know you think that’s impossible. You think you can’t do that. Your mind is like a crazy typewriter typing off screeds of thoughts all day long, all on its own, the keys clacking away line after line. Your mind feels like a wild horse galloping from one field of thought to another, totally out of control. It’s like a radio possessed, and it’s not just one channel. It’s like there are 5 different conversations going on up there all at once all on different frequencies. You tune into one and it’s the last words your wife said to you when you left the house. The next channel is that Netflix show you watched till 2 am. The other channel is in Mandarin! There’s static and popping and tons of white noise. You’re thinking you could never control your thoughts. But, you can!

Right thinking is as much about what you don’t think about as what you do think about. When you feel the temptation to think about ‘that’, don’t! Refuse to let the thought settle. At present, it’s just a vague worry, about what, you don’t know, but if you focus on it you’ll remember what it is and then it drowns you, again. At first, this seems like you need to be Hercules to bring your thoughts into line. You feel like you’re at the mental gym trying to lift 200 kilos off your brain. But this is what defeating giants, pulling down strongholds and slaying Goliath is all about. It always feels impossible when you’re facing the giant. But you can do it. Lift that thought off your brain. Stop thinking about it.

Sometimes our sincerity gets the better of us and we think that if we worry about the problem and feel bad, then we are being more responsible and dutiful, than if we refuse the worrying thoughts and live joyfully. Hey, your mind solves problems far better when it’s not depressed. Forget the thoughts that lead to depression. Move on.

For some, this seems too good to be true. It would be like, freedom! Absolutely! Go there!

Some people complain they have a bad memory. Most of us have a worse problem than that. A bad forgettery! We remember the things we should forget and forget the things we should remember. We have to shut out of our mind those memories that depress us. Some memories are what we did wrong. We resurface the guilt and regret, believing we have no right to happiness and that being miserable somehow atones for our wrongs. When you asked God to forgive you He did. He has ‘forgotten’ your sins, deliberately. He says, ‘I will remember them no more!’ Now it’s your turn. Forgive yourself and forget your sins. It’s time to move on!

Other memories include how we were taken advantage of when we were young. Feelings of anger, injustice, and revenge follow hard on the heels of these memories. There has to come a day when I stop letting or even making myself feel like a victim with no control over my life. I have to decide.These thoughts don’t rule me any longer.

It’s possible for dark thoughts to leave us. Dark thoughts are displaced by good thoughts. We defeat darkness easily. Not by fighting the darkness, but rather by turning on the light! Healthy thoughts. This is where I need to plant new phrases, type new words into my subconscious code so I start acting and reacting in life differently, not artificially, but because it is who I genuinely have become, transformed at the deepest levels within, healed, set free and renewed. In fact, we are transformed by the renewing of our mind.

How do I write new code in these deep areas of my mind? We type it in with words. Spoken words. Our mouth is the keyboard. You believe what you say. What you believe is received by your ‘heart’. For any thought becoming a deep thought, it has to travel from the mind to the heart, that place where we ‘feel’ the truth of what we’re saying, rather than just knowing it in our mind. When we speak the truth about ourselves, (which may not be our current facts - but remember there's a difference between facts and truth), and choose to believe it, (instead of what everyone and everything else is trying to make us believe), we will find ourselves transforming.


When we speak the Scripture, the Spirit of God infuses those words with power and those words become reality. The Scripture and the Spirit of God work together.


Whatever is our greatest need determines the Scripture we should use. If we are stewing in hatred, then we need to say ‘the love of God is shed abroad in my heart by the Holy Spirit’. If fear is overwhelming us, then we need to say, ‘Fear not, for I am with you says the Lord!’. If doubt is plaguing us, then we need to say, ‘Have faith in God’. If negative feelings are dominating our heart, then we need to declare, ‘All things work together for good to those who love God’. And don't just say it once, but many times! Over many days. For some, their survival depends on this. Speak it until it’s who you are. Change yourself. Change your life!

Sow Scripture in your good soil today!

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