'...For I am the Lord who heals you.' 
EXODUS 15:26

One of the reasons that Jesus died on the cross is to bring healing into our lives.
- The enemy comes to destroy and kill, but Jesus is the Healer.
- Healing is integral to the whole created order. Our bodies are equipped to heal themselves, all by God’s design.
- He is the Healer, yesterday, today and forever.
There is a correlation between our inner self and our body.
- When you are sick in your spirit it can lead to sickness in your body and visa and versa.
- Proverbs 15:13 and 17:22.
In the Bible, forgiveness and salvation are intertwined with healing and peace.
- When we forgive others and forgive ourselves the power of God moves and brings healing into our lives.
- Isaiah 53:4-5 and Psalm 103:2-4.
A sense of hopelessness, isolation and loneliness can lead to dislocation with God.
- The enemy is waiting to take advantage of these times and can bring sickness to the soul and body. Ezekiel 37:9-12
- Disappointment can also lead to a sick and broken spirit: Proverbs 13:12

4 Conditions of a Sick or Damaged Spirit:
1. The Broken Spirit – Proverbs 18:14
What breaks the spirit? It can be broken trust, betrayal, abuse, failure.
- At these times it is important to put strong disciplines in place to put and keep you on the road to recovery. You will heal. It is like putting a cast on a broken bone so it can mend itself.
2. The Cut Spirit – Psalm 64:3
Words are powerful so slice you through. It’s often not what is said, but how it is said.
- You need to stitch up and close the wound by forgiving and forgetting.
- Also, fellowship with Christians that are like antiseptic and healing balm, not with toxic Christians that can open up old wounds with bad attitudes.
3. The Bruised Spirit
You’ve taken a knock. Like any bruise it is sensitive, but also, will heal itself with time.
4. The Poisoned Spirit – Psalm 140:3
Words can carry poison. That letter, that email, that post.

Praise God we have and know the antidote. It is Jesus. He washes away every unclean thing and heals our souls.


I have written a book called "Healing the Wounded Spirit" to bring some understanding as to what type of wound your spirit may have and what kind of salve, healing and direction the Word of God and the Holy Spirit offers - empowering us to again walk powerfully in the richness of the life He offers. You can click on the title above to obtain a copy.

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