The Living Word: Part One

This post is the beginning of a series about the Living Word, the Bible. 

If the Word is in your view, it will find its way into your heart. Use meditation on the Word to transform information into revelation. This is when the Word becomes food for your spirit. This when the Word becomes light and life. This is when the Word becomes healing, health and wholeness.

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Leadership Lessons: Order

Getting organized is amongst the most empowering things you can do in life.Even though a problem may be very large and overwhelming, when you approach 'one bite at a time' you will be surprised how quickly you will overcome it. What you thought was impossible suddenly appears possible.

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Hope is Born

Looking forward to sharing the Christmas story, 'The Journey of a Miracle', in our services this weekend. Thought I'd share the story from my book 'Hope'. Grab a copy or two from the 'Pen' section of this site.

‘I am Gabriel’. The living flame talked! It tumbled words from eternity. ‘You’re about to have a son’.....

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