Jesse - Found In Heaven

Jesse - Found In Heaven


"As I wept quietly, I had a very clear vision. I saw a young man laughing and walking".
Jesse - found in heaven, is Chris Pringles story, of a child lost by miscarriage and found again in God's hands through a remarkable vision. 

The epilogue includes excerts of letters from women healed by Chris's story.
"Thank you for opening up a door to a room that has been closed for many years. 

"Nobody speaks of the tiny little souls lost, too small to hug and too small to say goodbye to.. " 

"They are but a whisper on our breath" 

About the author: Having founded the CCC movement with her husband Phil in 1980. A refreshing voice on the scene of Christendom, Chris has refused to tread the weary path that tends to pigeon hole, and therefore diminish, the value and effectiveness of women in church life. As preacher, pastor, and leader, Chris combines wisdom, insight, humour and the ability to go where angels fear to tread!

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